Submissions Wanted

We are now accepting submissions for the 2015 issue of the Cedar Valley Divide. We want to see your fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and art in our mailbox! The submission form and directions can be found on the Submissions page. All submissions are due by November 14th.

The Past 245 Nights
Evan O’Conner


He sits on the plaid couch

In the dark of night

Listening to a ceiling fan,

A laptop in his hands.

In the dark of night

A boy wanders his empty house

A laptop in his hands,

With no one to talk to.
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Zach McComas


An innocent description of pain is one of

a skinned knee, a sore throat

or an emotional pain of losing someone.

This description labels pain

a feeling,

calling it something that is tangible.

True pain is

the inability to feel.

It is suffocating blanket that envelopes your very soul

and turns it into a deep black hole

from which many have died in.

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This Is Your Life

From Sitting In Meditation Retreat


This is your life.

You sit here quietly

Watching your body breathe

Without you.


Except now you notice

Your somatic reality

You feel the wonder…

But who exactly is this?


Upstairs someone walks.

A floorboard shifts.

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Poem From A Korean Zen Retreat


A handful of cherry blossom,

Wind blown and water fallen.

The river does not discriminate

Between individual petals.


If you miss this moment

Your life is over

Before you know it.


A petal on water



By Gill Farrar-Hall