Q: What is the Cedar Valley Divide?

A: Cedar Valley Divide is Kirkwood’s literary magazine that is edited and produced by Kirkwood students. The magazine includes many forms of art including photography, (pictures of) sculptures, play acts, poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, digital art, and anything else that may come our way.


Q: How do I submit to the Cedar Valley Divide?

A: From our website, click on the submission form link, under media. Choose to download the form, and either print it, fill it out and bring it to the English office with your submissions in Cedar Hall 3050; or allow changes to be made to the document, fill out the information requested, and send it with your submissions as attachments to cvd@kirkwood.edu.


Q: How can I become a member of the Cedar Valley Divide Staff?

A: If you are interested in being involved in the Cedar Valley Design consider signing up for the Fall 2015 class! The course title is Editing a Literary Magazine and the course section number is ENG-275. The course provides practical experience in reading and editing literary manuscripts in three genres: nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Students design and edit hypothetical magazines using actual student manuscripts and work to prepare an issue of the Cedar Valley Divide, Kirkwood’s student art and literary magazine. There will also be a Spring 2016 course, called Literary Magazine Layout and Production (ENG-290), that focuses on putting an issue of the Cedar Valley Divide together. Both classes are great opportunities to really get to know other people who are passionate about reading, writing, and editing the written word! 5 out of 5 would recommend!


Q: Will I get my submissions back?

A: You will not receive your submissions back, so please do not send originals, always send a copy of your work!


Q: How many submissions can I send in?

A: There is a limit of five submissions per person. For Students submitting from high schools: Only one submission is accepted.


Q: When does the Cedar Valley Divide come out?

A: The magazine for 2015 will come out in April 2015.


Q: How will I know if any of my submissions were chosen?

A: We will contact you through the contact information you fill out on your submission form as soon as a decision has been made. Decisions will be made by January 2015.


Q: Can I use a Pen name for my submissions?

A: Yes, you may. Please include your real name on your submission form, and let us know that you would prefer a pen name on the form.


Q: Where can I get copies of the Cedar Valley Divide Magazine?

A: There are always copies available at the Kirkwood Library and at 3050 Cedar Hall.


Q: Can I submit simultaneously?

A: You may include submissions to the Cedar Valley Divide that you have submitted elsewhere, however, please inform us right away if your submission has been chosen for another publication by emailing us at cvd@kirkwood.edu


Q: Who is allowed to submit?

A: We are accepting submissions from the Cedar Valley community (the corridor), Kirkwood students and faculty, local college students from other schools and we are running a contest for local high school students in which one student’s submission will be chosen as the winner and appear in the 2015 edition of the Cedar Valley Divide.