Les Invalides by Mike Cahalan

Why had you “corrupted absolutely?”
You could have created a new world order.
You started with reforms and civics.
And ended with a nepotistic empire.
A son in Rome.
A brother in Spain.
And looting the Horses of Saint Mark and the Rosetta Stone.
Did the burning of Moscow teach you nothing?

Was your genius only tactical?
Moving cannons faster than cavalry.
And such a great motivator.
Outside Paris you turned to your cause the regiment sent to capture you.
Only to lose it all because you could not see
the obvious bright redcoats coming.
The result would be a death mask in the Valley of the Willows.

Yes, you were short and had poor taste in women.
But fate gave you a second chance when you escaped from Elba.
You could have been the greatest man in history.
Even owning half of America at one time.
And a muse of Beethoven.
But now they have to test your hair for arsenic.